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UNEP Ile-de-France, DIRECCTE Ile-de-France, DRIAAF Ile-de-France
Synthesis brochure of the study on the sector of landscaping in the region of Ile-de-France
(March 2012)

Download the document (pdf, 5.83Mb)

TEE Ile-de-France (Territories Environment Employment)

Report on the « Forest-Wood sector – environmental jobs »
(July 2010)
Download the document (pdf, 2.40Mb)

ADEME – French Environment and Energy Management Agency
Environmental Approach to urban Planning in Suresnes (92) – The Carnot-Gambetta eco-district
(June 2010)

Download the document (pdf, 954.13Kb)

The Ile-de-France observatory of environmental jobs
Article published in « The essentials – Forest-Wood sector »
(15 May 2010)

Download the document (pdf, 72.38Kb)

French Development Agency and URD Group   
Common knowledgen°7, “Water and sanitation within crisis exit strategies: from emergency to development”
(November 2009) 

Download the document (pdf, 4.97Mb)

The Forest-Wood sector in Ile-de-France: a diagnosis of activities and jobs
Article published on the Regional Agency for the Environment and New Energies’ Website (2009)

Download the document (pdf, 80.08Kb)

Suresnes: A pilot project for a sustainable city
Article published in Suresnes Magazine N°193
(15 December 2008)

Download the document (pdf, 713.89Kb)

Sustainable development: the end of innocence
Article published “Le Nouvel Économiste” (The New Economist)
(17 July 2008)

Download the document (pdf, 84.81Kb)

Sustainable development is recruiting: a new generation of green entrepreneurs
Article published in “Le Monde” 
(24 June 2008)

Download the document (pdf, 68.58Kb)

Linking with recruiters – The precious reputation
Article published in “Challenges”‘
(15 December 2005)

Download the document (pdf, 68.38Kb)