International cooperation & solidarity



  • Facing up to the growing complexity of the development aid sector (diversification of actors, subjects, and tools…);
  • Taking into account new needs in terms of financing (mobilization of additional, predictable and sustainable resources as a complement to public aid);
  • Accelerating the replication and scaling up of good practices to meet the Millennium Development Goals;
  • Reinforcing the cooperation and coordination between the different actors, to ensure an optimal response to the beneficiaries’ needs;
  • Encouraging the setting up of virtuous circles, for a greater autonomy of South actors (competencies, financing…).

Nomadéis’ experience

  • Knowledge of the global architecture of development aid and of its current evolutions (new actors, mechanisms…);
  • Operational experience of in the field development projects and programs in over 20 countries (Africa, Indian Ocean, Asia, South America);
  • Regular collaboration with key actors of international solidarity: non-profit organizations and NGOs, cities (decentralized cooperation, local governments, foundations, backers, United Nations…;
  • Contribution to international networks and expert groups, particularly on the subject of access to essential services;
  • Follow-up of the international agenda (World Summits on Sustainable Development, World Water Forums, World Urban Forums…).

Nomadéis’ offer (services examples)

  • Studies, prospective research (practices, trends…);
  • Organizational audits (objectives, constraints, resources, governance…);
  • Assessments, Impact studies (technical, financial, and institutional aspects…);
  • Feasibility studies (socio-economic diagnoses, sizing…);
  • Setting up of partnerships and alliances (cooperation schemes, agreements and conventions…);
  • Research, resource mobilization (cost estimates, applications…);
  • Management of development projects (planning, supervision, reporting…);
  • Capitalization and management of knowledge (workshops, conferences, trainings…);
  • Corporate image development (communication strategies);
  • Country intelligence (strategic context, geopolitics, cooperation frameworks…).