Sustainable territories


  • Rallying and uniting all concerned actors (citizens, non-profit organizations, companies, farmers, administrations…) and encouraging their involvement through inclusive cooperation mechanisms (surveys, participative workshops, conferences…);
  • Promoting a transversal approach of sustainable development, comprising the fight against climate change, the protection of environments, resources and biodiversity, welfare of all human beings,  social cohesion, solidarity, and responsible production and consumption;
  • Integrating a territory’s diversity according to all its components, searching for optimal balances (between urban and rural spaces, the young generation and senior citizens, different sectors of economic activity, etc.);
  • Setting up an intelligible territory project, unified and consistent with other local initiatives and policies (Local Development Frameworks, Regional Spatial Strategies, Local Development Schemes, Statements of Community Involvement, and any sustainable development project …) ;
  • Defining an action plan and tailor-made monitoring tools (indicators), to guide the progression of a territory project using available resources in the best possible way and in a continuous improvement dynamic.

Nomadéis’ experience

  • Assistance to local governments (cities, conurbation committees) defining and carrying out their sustainable development strategies and eco-exemplarity programmes ;
  • Regular collaboration with the Interministerial Committee for Cities (CIV),  a French administrative decision-making body for city politics, particularly for the organization of conferences and working groups ;
  • Involvement in many expert networks on sustainable urbanism (professional associations, Think tanks, in France and abroad…);
  • Active participation in key events and initiatives (World urban Forums, World Urban Campaign,  the « 100 cities » initiative, and the Forum on local government cooperation …) ;
  • Regular contribution to training programs for local actors (capacity development workshops, for North actors and South actors) ;
  • Operational experience of in the field decentralized cooperation projects and programs in over 20 countries (Africa, Indian Ocean, Asia, and South America). 

Nomadéis’ offer (services examples)

  • Local agendas 21 (project ownership assistance assignments);
  • Eco-district initiatives (Sustainable Urban Design);
  • Territorial diagnoses (socio-economics, environment, competitiveness…);
  • Support in writing up financing applications (regional, European , …);
  • Local democracy (surveys and opinion polls, project management of consultation approaches…);
  • Decentralized cooperation  (setting up, assessment of programmes … );
  • Environmental management systems (performance indicators, monitoring…);
  • Business Change Management (training of technical staff or of municipal officers)
  • Sustainable building (Life Cycle Assessments);
  • Energy and Climate Plans;
  • Carbon footprints.