Where we come from

Nomadéis is an independent consulting agency, specialized in environment, sustainable development and international cooperation.

Nomadéis was created in 2002 by two ESSEC graduates (Cédric Baecher and Nicolas Dutreix) following a one-year worldwide research project on the subject of water and sustainable development, with “AQUA tu penses” (“Water you thinking of ?”), a non-profit organization set up for the occasion.

This founding project obtained the support of Veolia Environnement and Suez Environnement as well as patronage from the UNESCO (International Hydrological Programme) and of French economist and scholar Jacques Attali.

The conclusions from the « AQUA tu penses? » study:

  • Were partly taken up by  Michel Camdessus, former Advisor to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan,  in his collective work entitled « Water », published in 2004 by Robert Laffont (the authors of this writing were members of the worldwide focus group on the financing of water infrastructures);
  • Were used in a reference publication entitled “Water, sanitation and sustainable development” (UNESCO, Water Solidarity Programme, Veolia Water, 2004).

Nomadéis provides consulting services, mainly for companies, industrial corporations, local governments and public institutions, and non-profit organizations and foundations.  

At Nomadéis we value :

  • Reliability ;
  • Creativity ;
  • Mobility ;
  • Loyalty.