Nomadéis relies on a large range of tools (methodological patterns, specialized software, documentary resources, technical equipment…), many of which are specifically adapted to problematics related to environment and to sustainable development.  

Nomadéis places a special emphasis on innovation and has developed its own solutions to meet its clients’ specific needs.

Tools and solutions developed by Nomadéis

  • RISKO®: Risk analysis matrix of water-related risks, developed by Nomadéis specifically for industrial groups. This tool provides guidance for the realization of diagnoses, taking into account different risk profiles, with the aim of defining objectives and actions plans and carrying out internal awareness-raising programs.
  • MAPPEO®: Analysis matrix of water-related stakeholders, developed by Nomadéis to guide the realization of actor mappings. This tool is used to assist companies in developing a local knowledge of water-related issues in their main implementation areas.  
  • SYMECO®: Environmental Management System (EMS) developed by Nomadéis for local governments.   This system enables the definition of a indicator-based dashboard to monitor and assess the fulfillment of sustainable development objectives as fixed by the local government. Nomadéis has also developed an offer for training and change management, in particular for municipal technical teams.
  • BATIVERT ®: Methodological diagram developed by Nomadéis to guide the analysis of the environmental performance of construction projects. From the project’s design to the forecasts of « end of life »impacts, this method follows a 7-step checklist covering all items to take into account regarding sustainable construction.  

Methodological tools recommended by the ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency)

  • Carbon Footprint (Bilan Carbone®) : Nomadéis is accredited by the ADEME since 2004 to carry out Carbon Footprint Analyses and thus has the necessary resources to help you  establish the complete mapping of the impact of your activity in terms of direct and indirect Greenhouse Gas emissions;
  • Environmental approach to urban planning (AEU®): a decision-making tool developed by the ADEME to promote and to guide the integration of environmental aspects in urban planning projects (Local Development Frameworks, Local Development Schemes…). Nomadéis used this tool for the assignment it carried out for the French city of Suresnes.

Statistical surveys

Nomadéis has been using Modalisa, a survey creation and treatment software referenced by many public and private organizations, for over 10 years.  Using Modalisa, Nomadéis is capable of:

  • Creating professional questionnaires (closed-ended questions, single answer or multiple answer questions, ordered questions, numerical questions, open-ended questions…);
  • Process the data and carry out analyses with various levels of complexity (creation of sub-populations, adjustments, mono-varied analyses:  flat tabulations; bi-varied analyses; cross-tabulations; multi-varied analyses; FCA, PCA, text and interview analyses…);
  • Make the most of the Web’ advantages (on-line surveys).

Thematic databases, technical and regulatory documentation

  • Databases:  Nomadéis has created and regularly completes its own databases compiling information on the main actors and economics of environmental and sustainable development markets, equipment and technical innovations, case studies and best practices…
  • Press review : Nomadéis compiles a daily press review (French press and international press) covering an array of key thematics (water, energy, environmental services, construction, urbanism, biodiversity…) and is currently  developing a document management tool to simplify filing and access to information;
  • Technical and regulatory documentation: Nomadéis keeps a library with several reference publications and works (agronomy, water and sanitation, economics, environment, civil engineering, forestry…) as well as resources concerning regulatory documentation (essential texts organized according to 9 environmental thematics).

Group moderation techniques

Nomadéis regularly uses the open space technology developed by a team of specialists in organization transformation.

 Technical equipment

  • Efficient IT equipment (portable PCs, server, private virtual network with distant access, mobile terminals with permanent email access,  reproduction service) ;

Audio-numerical recording equipment and overhead projectors, often used for the organization of workshops and preparation of conference syntheses and acts.