Our vision

Nomadéis’ mission is to assist its clients in making the most of the opportunities brought by environment and sustainable development, in France and abroad.  

  • Companies undertaking an optimization of the management of scarce resources (water, energy…) can seize the opportunity to reduce costs, reinforce continuity of operations on a production site, maintain employment levels, find new resources for innovation, and improve corporate image. The development of new eco-friendly products and services encourages differentiation and the capture of new markets, while taking into account general interest.
  • Local governments and institutions in the process of defining a territorial sustainable development strategy (Local agenda 21, Integrated Territorial Climate Plan, Environment round-tables…) can seize the opportunity to engage vast participative dialogs, involving the population and any concerned actors, to prepare for tomorrow’s balances and trends. New systems encouraging virtuous practices and supporting green growth can enable the revival of certain sectors of activity and trigger public thinking on environmental added value jobs.
  • Actors from the noncommercial sector (non-profit organizations, foundations) face new challenges in the efficient rallying of stakeholders (advocacy, cooperation programmes, awareness-raising and education…) and in ensuring the durability of financings at the service of sustainable development in the countries of the South, in application of the Millennium Development Goals.

Nomadéis offers a transversal and interdisciplinary approach, for a full comprehension of the many connections between environment and sustainable development, and to encourage partnerships and networking.