Strategy consulting

In the field of strategic consulting applied to the environment, sustainable development and international cooperation, Nomadéis assists its clients in:

  • The characterization of a positioning and of a middle term / long term vision as well as its applications through strategic axes ;
  • The preparation and cost assessment of action plans (objectives, description and sizing of resources to mobilize…);
  • The design of monitoring and assessment indicators to follow the progress of action plans and suggest necessary adjustments;
  • The setting up of well-adapted organization and governance modes to ensure an efficient realization of fixed objectives;
  • The implementation along with strategic partners.

These services may concern one of your projects / programmes in particular or your activity as a whole.

Nomadéis operates according to your needs and priorities, on one-time assignments or through integrated assistance (project management).  

In concrete terms, Nomadéis:

  • Supports industrial groups in reinforcing their environmental performance (Energy Saving Programmes, internal standards for the management of water, purchasing optimization…) and social performance (corporate patronage policy, diversity policy…);
  • Supports local governments in designing and carrying out sustainable development initiatives for territories (Local agendas 21, Eco districts, Integrated Territorial Climate Plans (ICTPs), consultations…);
  • Advises non-profit organizations and foundations for the improvement in functioning and internal organization, to develop strategic partnerships, to mobilize new sources of financing….

Nomadéis uses clear and sound methodologies, well-adapted to the needs and constraints specific to each client.