Studies & surveys

Nomadéis assists its clients in carrying out several types of studies and surveys, according to the needs and circumstances:  

  • Socio-economic diagnoses, for instance for the analysis of a branch of activity or of an industry’s situation on a given territory (actors, activities, development perspectives…);
  • Environmental diagnoses, for instance to assess an industrial site’s level of exposure to different types of risks;
  • Statistic surveys and opinion polls, for example a local population survey within a consultation process;
  • Benchmarking and business intelligence, to identify good practices of comparable actors and/or mistakes not to replicate;
  • Feasibility studies (technical, regulatory, economic,…), for instance before the launching of a pilot project for the management of water or energy;
  • Prospective studies, to understand on-going evolutions and predictable trends of a given market/sector of activity and to deduce scenarios to guide action;
  • Assessments and business reports, to monitor a project’s efficiency, measure its impact, capitalize on lessons learned, etc.

In order to meet your expectations, Nomadéis uses a wide variety of tools and methods:

  • Qualitative (interviews, focus groups meetings…);
  • Quantitative (on-line surveys, statistic processing with Modalisa, a survey processing and data analysis software);
  • Documentary research, etc.