Training, change management

Training and change management are particularly important subjects in the fields of environment, sustainable development and international cooperation.

Nomadéis operates (mainly in French, English and Spanish) for the completion of the following services:

  • Design, animation of workshops and focus groups, e.g. to define solutions to an internal organization problem or to define areas of cooperation between partners;
  • Definition of training scenarios, that is to say the logical sequence between a series of key messages in order to develop a training course which is well-adapted to a given audience and to specific objectives;
  • Creation of contents (texts, diagrams, pictures, quizzes…) for dynamic awareness-raising of a targeted audience to issues related to sustainable development (e.g. within e-learning training programs) ;
  • Production of tailor-made simulation games and role plays, which boost a shared comprehension of issues specific to each actor as well the appropriation of key messages;   
  • Creation of adapted back-up materials and visual aids, e.g. display boards for a touring exhibition, online learning modules, brochures or even radio broadcasts when this channel is deemed most appropriate;   
  • Compilation of presentations (PowerPoint, etc.) to synthesize lessons learnt from an action plan and to present perspectives during a conference.

In concrete terms, Nomadéis has for instance:

  • Supported a global industrial company in the training of 150 sales and marketing persons to the issues of sustainable development applied to their activity (new markets, new regulations…) through the establishment of an e-learning platform;
  • Led a workshop on the subject of sustainable purchasing for a French SMB, with the particular aim of introducing a new internal organization (sharing out of responsibilities, procedures….);
  • Led neighborhood meetings (information, awareness-raising, consultation) within assignments carried out for local governments (« local democracy » sections of local Agenda 21 or eco-district type programs…);
  • Conceived and completed an exhibition on the subject of international cooperation for the Ministry of Foreign and European affaires, the French Development Agency (AFD), and the Regional Agency for the Environment and New Energies (Ile-de-France region);
  • Led a 2-day conference, in French and in English, in Niamey (Niger), gathering 24 member countries of the African Forum for Utility Regulators (AFUR), to study international good practices and define a road map (in partnership with GIZ, the German Society for International);
  • Built an integrated training module (for the Forhom Institute) on the subject of public-private partnerships applied to environmental services in developing countries (2-day long session, comprising lectures, case studies, role plays)
  • Carried out multiple lectures during workshops for the International Training Centers for Local Actors (CIFAL), created and led by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)(South Africa, Burkina Faso, Brazil…);
  • Acted as an official mediator during the 5th World Water Forum held in Istanbul in March 2009, on the official invitation of the conference’s organizing committee;
  • Contributed to continuous training programs delivered to humanitarian action professionals, in particular in partnership with the Bioforce Development Institute.