Institutional relations

A member of the French Association of Public Affairs Consulting (AFCAP), Nomadéis has acquired a recognized experience in the field of institutional relations, particularly concerning the management of partnerships. Our services include:

  • The setting up and development of strategic partnerships, e.g. gathering companies, institutions and civil society actors for the realization of precise objectives;
  • The organization of conferences, symposiums, workshops  (designing programs, identifying and approaching high-level speakers, preparing/checking presentations, writing syntheses and conference acts…);
  • The writing of reference publications (reports, white papers…), e.g. to describe and explain the position of an actor/a group of actors on a precise matter.

Nomadéis regularly contributes to many keys events in the international agenda, such as the World Water Forums, (Kyoto, Mexico, Istanbul…), organized by the World Water Council,  and the World Urban Forums (Vancouver, Nanjing, Rio de Janeiro…), organized by the United Nations’ Human Settlements Programme, UN-HABITAT.

In order to carry out its missions successfully, Nomadéis has developed an important network of partners in France and internationally (experts, academic partners, members o