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Nomadéis regularly contributes to key events of the international agenda, on subjects relative to the environment, sustainable development and international cooperation.

World Urban Forums (UN-Habitat)

  • Rio de Janeiro (2010): contribution to the official launching of the world urban campaign and of the « 100 cities » initiative. Co-organization of side-events (public-private partnerships, decentralized cooperation, regional cooperation). Contribution to the preparation of the closing ceremony.
  • Nanjing (2008): participation to expert groups on sustainable urbanism. Official representation of the private sector during the closing ceremony.
  • Vancouver (2006) : participation to expert groups on sustainable development.

World Water Forums (World Water Council)

  • Marseille (2012) : under preparation.
  • Istanbul (2009) participation as official mediators designated by the Forum’s General Secretary. Co-organization of an event for the launching of the Water Think Tank, in partnership with the Prince Albert II Foundation for environmental protection, the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), the Blue Plan (Plan Bleu) and Veolia Environnement.
  • Mexico (2006): preparation of meetings and debates between NGOs, companies and international organizations.
  • Kyoto (2003) : presentation and launching of a reference collective work with the UNESCO, Veolia Water and the Water Solidarity Program (pS-Eau).

Word Summits for Sustainable Development (United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED))

  • Rio de Janeiro (2012): under preparation.  In particular, Nomadéis initiated and supports the ”ScenaRio 2012″ project.
  • Johannesburg (2002): preparation and presentation of a brochure on the subject of water, sanitation and sustainable development.

Other international conferences

  • The Mediterranean area: facing the challenges of sustainable development (Nice, 2009): program definition, selection of speakers for the presentation of good practices and case studies, writing up of acts and capitalization. Organizers: European Economic and Social Committee, the Union for the Mediterranean, the city of Nice.
Objectif : en appui à la Confédération Européenne du Lin et du Chanvre (CELC), explorer le potentiel de valorisation des anas de lin, identifier les marchés les plus pertinents et lever les obstacles au sein des 3 principaux pays producteurs (France, Belgique et Pays-Bas)...
Objectif : co-construire des solutions d’avenir pour les territoires, lors d’ateliers d’intelligence collective réunissant l’ensemble des acteurs de l’écosystème montagnard...