Nomadéis is a human-scaled consultancy agency characterized by:

  • A strong entrepreneurial culture;
  • A flexible hierarchy structure;
  • A friendly work environment.

In addition to the two founding partners, Cédric Baecher and Nicolas Dutreix, the team comprises consultants with complementary profiles, graduates from top-tier universities and courses specializing in:

  • Environmental sciences (AgroParisTech, Ecole Centrale…)
  • Economics and management (ESSEC, HEC…)
  • Law and political science (IEP Paris, London School of Economics…)

Nomadéis’ team can work in three languages: French, English, and Spanish.

The recruitment process comprises several steps, which enable us to test the precision, the clarity, the dynamism, the ethics and the intellectual honesty of candidates wishing to join us.  For further information, we invite you to contact us.

Since 2002 Nomadéis has also developed an important network of associate experts, present in several countries and with specific competencies, and which can be called upon in a flexible way depending on the needs specific to each assignment (journalists, lawyers, specialists in project financing…).

Employees’ stories

  • « During my 8-month internship at Nomadéis I contributed to different types of assignments. I worked on an in-depth study on innovative mechanisms to finance sustainable development in countries of the South. I also contributed to the setting up of a Think Tank on water use conflicts in the Mediterranean region and carried out subsequent research work. I met many actors and experts during these assignments. I also took part in writing several tenders. Being highly autonomous enabled me to develop effective thinking skills as well as organizational and synthesis abilities.  The serious but relaxed work atmosphere enabled me to fulfill my potential by working on fascinating subjects.” Alizée Lozac’Hmeur, research analyst, HEC student.


  • « The construction of an Agenda 21 for a combined district council and the definition of a strategy for the management of water-related risks for a global industrial corporation are two examples of assignments I actively worked on during my end-of-studies internship at Nomadéis.  Working in a small team speeds up the assuming of new responsibilities and boosts stimulating discussions with colleagues working on various subjects… I am now continuing this experience with a full-time job at Nomadéis, and thus choosing to start my career exploring various subjects linked to sustainable development and working for different actors (companies, non-profit organizations, local governments).  Rebecca Buick, project manager, AgroParisTech master graduate.