Industrial corporations: Secure your performance

The business lines and the expertise of Nomadéis find many applications for companies and industrial corporations:

  • Cartography of stakeholders and development of a « social knowledge» (whether transversal or around specific sites, thanks to an in-depth analysis of the institutional context according to your different implementation areas);
  • Definition of integrated action plans for the management of water, energy and/or biodiversity, adapted to your activities’ constraints, for instance to secure your strategic supplies while developing a corporate social responsibility strategy ;
  • Analysis of related environmental impacts, risks and innovation opportunities,  to reinforce your environmental performance on a site or on the scale of a transversal function of the company (e.g. logistics);
  • Awareness-raising of employees to sustainable development issues  (e.g. for marketing and sales teams to bring them to transform their positioning and their speech);
  • Carrying out of critical analyses of the positioning of your main competitors for instance regarding corporate social responsibility and sustainable development policies;
  • Data compilation and writing up of caste studies to promote your know-hows and good practices to your main stakeholders (clients, prospects, partners, purchasing advisors…);
  • Construction of sustainable development reporting frameworks adapted to your activity (definition and testing of indicators according to your strategic objectives, creation of monitoring and management systems…);
  • Development of strategic partnerships  in particular with the United Nations and other international organizations ;  
  • Organization of your participation to key events of the international agenda, according to your strategic priorities (in particular thematic and geographic) according to a value creation approach.